DPM:UK ran an advent blog for project managers. As Christmas approached, Amy Kapell and I decided it was a good time to talk about why advent calendars are awful. OK – maybe not the blog version. Or the kind with chocolate. Really, it’s just the aspect of surprise that throws PMs off. The idea of not knowing what’s behind that tiny door every day should terrify any good PM. Read it here: http://dpmuk.com/blog/why-pms-hate-advent-calendars/


Carson has been doing the digital project management thing for over a decade now, and still loves every minute. After hours, Carson listens to music no one else likes, plays hockey poorly, and co-runs the DPM Edmonton Meetup.

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Amy is the VP of Client Strategy and Communication at Closed Loop, where she synthesizes the contributions of their design, UX, creative, and strategy teams into comprehensive plans for improving the user experience, usability, and conversion rates of enterprise-level websites. As a teenager, she wrote a short story entitled "The Mysteries of Stonehenge," which also had aliens in it for some reason.

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